Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We Haven't Advanced-- At Least Not That Far---By MysticSilks

I'm writing this not sure who will ever read it. But you never know. Maybe someday one of my adult children will be putting my name in the Internet search engine and come up with one of my posts.
What I wanted to talk about today has been inspired, or prompted by current financial news that I am listening to .
Obama just passed no tax increases for the common folk. Yippee! Well, no. I heard the cost of gasoline is going to be $4.00 plus by spring time in the USA, and higher in Alaska and Hawaii.
Now, gas is something that the majority of the population needs. To get to work, so we can earn money to pay our bills. I also, heard that in Akron Ohio, and Cleveland Ohio, they are raising the cost of sewer and water services: Some bills could be $140.00/month.
Now add the increase in gasoline, the increase in water and sewer services, plus the increase of electricity. Please someone tell me how the lower income elderly, or those who are already living on the edge of economic collapse are going to be able to exist?
I thought that having lived through the fallout of the Great Depression, that I would never see those kinds of horrors again: People begging for food. People having to live with relatives.
I thought my kids and their kids would have it so much better than I did as a kid.

But through the devilish greediness of the overly wealthy, like Goldman Saks, and many of the Big Cats on Wall Street, this once great economy has once again, gone defunct.
When I hear this country is so in debt, and borrows money from China, I want to vomit.
Let me say this to the Big Cats, on Wall Street who are giving out huge bonuses and throwing extravagant parties, if the common folk get angry enough your days are numbered!

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