Saturday, June 19, 2010

Obama's Million Dollar Puddle Hops;The Guffaw in The Gulf

I am doing my best to maintain a positive attitude towards Obama, but more and more I find it a challenge.
He has made more Air Force 1 plane trips, I think than any other American President:
And I am talking about just in the USA!
I recall in his campaign yadda,yadda, that he promised to be more visible, more transparent. Well, I thought that he meant he wouldn't hide important information from the American people; like when the Democratic party hid behind closed doors beating out a Health Care Bill to ram down Americans throats, and promising Cleveland's own Dennis Kusinich a ride on Air Force One, if he would back the HC Bill: Yea, transparent like a lead wall.
But, now I know he meant he would spend millions of tax payer dollars using Air Force 1 to make non-essential visits to states like Ohio for 10 minutes , just to tell people that his stimulus money is working. Oh, by the way, the workers in that area were told to take that day off work, and they would not be paid for the day;thanks Obama.

Now, he has made 4 trips to the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe he thinks by him being there the oil geyser would be bewitched by his presence and all of a sudden stop!
No, come on folks, he was advised/told to go there to show the American people that he is aware of this catastrophic situation, and he is in control and will somehow fix it before the end of June!
Didn't they just give BP a 48 hour time limit to plug that leak up?
Well, that did not happen, so now does BP go stand in a corner?

Hey, other countries if you you have a catastrophic happening, don't call us! AS you can tell by the way this government is handling the Gulf oil spillage, we are quite evidently incapable of handling this situation. It seems like it's a contest of one agency usurping the authority of another as to what, and how things need to be handled.
You states on the Gulf have my most sincere sympathy.

And, I hear Obama is adding to his legacy by suing the state of Arizona for following federal laws regarding illegal immigration issues: Isn't Arizona part of the USA?

And even more accolades are given to the man, for wanting to control the Internet in times of emergency:He already seems to control most the TV media.

And we thought George Bush was a f--- up!

Dear Lord have mercy on us all!