Thursday, April 21, 2011

Return of Christ```MysticSilks

The return of Christ
I scan the heavens for,
And would gladly
Lay this life away
With a quick and final glance
towards earth, and say
the devil was
a nimble dancer.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Yahoo& Flickr Encounter~~By Mysticsilks

Did you ever get the feeling that you were speaking in a language that only you understood? Like E=mc2?
Yesterday I tried 15 times to log in to my Flickr account. I had completed a set of six new silk scarves and wanted to share the photos on Flickr, as I have done since 2007.
When I attempted to log in, I got a page telling to simply use my yahoo ID, which I did. I was immediately sent to a page explaining oops, but for some reason my attempt had failed. AS suggested , I tried changing my password. I went to yahoo, changed my password, answered two security questions, went back to Flickr where it stated I could use my yahoo ID and password to log in to Flickr. I tried it, and was sent back to the page that said, "oops". Well, the story only gets better.

Recall that TV ad that has the guy calling to find out how he can redeem his cash value points for using his credit card, and he gets " Peggy"on the phone.

After the 20th try I searched until I found a help center where I could email my plight to a customer care center( isn't that a dichotomy?) via email.
OK, so today I received a reply from yahoo customer care with a phone number!
I called and was quickly hooked up with a CC rep. I gave her all my info.
She said, " Wait a minute until I put you on hold and do some research."
I waited calmly until I heard a busy signal which indicated to me, she'd hung up,and probably accidentally, but we all know there are NO accidents.
OK, I hung up, redialed and this time was put through to a guy whom I think was from Pakistan: I am thinking he hated white liberal, Christian American women. I could not understand a word he was saying. He seemed to be telling me to contact Flickr. I tried to communicate to him that Yahoo handled the sign in verification business. He kept saying, " No , to call the number that I had received in the yahoo email customer care department."
I replied, " But this is the number they gave me, that's how I was put in contact with you."
" Wrong department , " he replied in a strong Arabic tongue , " Call the number again!"
He hung up, or I hung up.
I wasn't sure if I felt like laughing or crying, because that commercial with " Betty" came to mind.
OK, so 3rd time's a charm, they say.
I called yahoo customer care again: About this time I was wondering why they call it "customer care" .
The 3rd time a lady answers with a bit of, I think Indian accent, but I could understand for the most part what she was saying.
I, for the 3rd time explained what was going on. When she stated she was putting me on hold, I almost climbed through the phone lines and was ready to lay prostrate at her feet, begging her not to hang up on me. She promised with a most sincere voice, that I believed, she would not hang up.
She came back and instructed me to enter different Yahoo ID info. I told her I had done all that yesterday 20 times!
She asked me if I recalled the last name of my bridesmaid. I replied," I hardly recall the date I was married; lady that was almost 40 tears ago. Besides, my bridesmaid has since remarried."
OK, she says,"we are just going to reset your password."
" But, I did that already yesterday. And I answered two new security questions."

She asks, "Do you have a yahoo email? Let's use that."
" No, "I answered, "I have had the same aol email since 1999 and I am not changing that."
Then she seemed to sense my getting near the edge of 'crazy'.
" We'll make it simple, we'll just change your password."
She told me what page to go to, gave me a code changing password. I did as I was instructed and finally, finally was able to log in to flickr.
I didn't ask her what happened to the new password or security questions I had procured yesterday. I really didn't care anymore.
But lordy, I recall all the hyperbole in the 50's and 60's , praising the future use of computers, of how it was to make our lives easier.
I don't think so!