Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obama's Health Care Bill~By KLM

OK, so Obama and his cohorts pushed , shoved, crammed,finagled,bullied,and offered a free ride on Air Force #1 to one of Ohio's senators( from Cleveland), into passing a Health Care Bill.
It was my humble opinion that the HC Bill was supposed to assist the average and below average income American citizen( and I use that term American Citizen with tongue in cheek)to be able to afford 'affordable health care insurance'.
Well, I'm a senior citizen( American),and I've been told along with other SC's that we are to receive no increases in our Social Security check for this year,( notice though, congress voted themselves raises this year;But they always do!),and we are to receive no increase in 2011: Maybe that's what they mean by the 'death squad'--They're planning to starve us to death.

Now, here's the slam dunk! I pay $99.00 for my Medicare insurance, that comes out of my SS check before it even reaches my mail-box. Then there's the gap insurance. Gap insurance covers the 20% medical expenses that Medicare will not cover. I was paying $129.60 to Anthem BC& BS for the gap insurance. I say was paying, because I just received a notice from Anthem BC&BS that my gap insurance was increased $11.00 per month, making it $133.20. Which means all totaled I am paying $232.20 in health care coverage per month!!

So, I ask Mr. Obama, and congress how is your Health Care Bill helping me, or other senior citizens? Or was it just meant to help the illegal immigrants who have no health care insurance?
And we the American citizen are picking up that tab through an increase in health care insurance premium.

Does that suck or what?