Monday, October 18, 2010

Dirty and Dangerous Football~~MysticSilks

I've watched and enjoyed football for 50 plus years now. Come the end of July I am growing antsy waiting for the season to begin. One of the most exciting games I used to look forward to, was when The Cleveland Browns went against our rival, The Pittsburgh Steelers.
It's been a long while since Art Modell took the best Browns to Baltimore;still don't think Cleveland has forgiven him for that, but I digress. Since then Cleveland Browns have gone through, and are still going through labor pains to deliver Cleveland and northeastern Ohio, a winning football team.

This past Sunday, October 17th, The Browns went against the Steelers on their own turf. Cleveland was forced to use their 3rd string quarterback Colt McCoy due to ankle injuries to our 1st and 2nd string quarterbacks in previous games: Could be the water in Cleveland is bad for the bones. May I stop here and say, my hat is off to this young man, Colt McCoy,he did a great job;he's got pizazz.
Cleveland wasn't doing too bad, at one time had a 3 point lead.
Colt threw a nice pass to Josh Cribs , and Cribs was headed down field when out of a clear blue sky, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers,head butts Josh right in the side temple. Down Josh went, and they helped him off the field. He didn't return.
Then James Harrison cracked another good player, Massaquoi, in the side of the head, with a head butt,knocking him out of the game with a head injury.
Well, that took out 2 of our better players who help significantly to win games.

At this point in time I am thinking Harrison is simply a well paid street thug wearing an NFL jersey, and getting paid top dollar to act like a thug to take people down without a gun. But who knows that may be next.

This isn't sour grapes,but it wasn't totally skill that caused the Steelers win. When you have a thug take out good guys from the opposing team by placing destructive blows to the head, it gives that team a better chance of winning. Too bad too, cuz I think the game would have been better had that not happened.
I also think that the NFL powers that be, need to do something to stop those dirty hits before we end up with players who become permanently paralyzed.
If they don't stop it, then we're no better than the Romans were when fed their gladiators to the lions!!

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