Saturday, July 3, 2010

LeBron James~ Can One Man Hold So Much Power?

LeBron, James; the King, the savior of a city, and all the other accolades being tossed at his feet. Billboards with his image, songs being sung to the tune of " We Are the World" literally begging LeBron to stay and play for the Cleveland Cavaliers!
Give me a freakin break! No major city should be begging an athlete to stay to save the economic welfare of their city. If that city needs to do all that begging to keep the coffers of that city full, then there's something big time wrong with that cities commerce plan. Where in the hell are the jobs for that city to help keep the state of the economy on the plus side? Is that all that Cleveland has going for it, is LeBron? Then albeit LeBron's a great athlete, but it's not on his shoulders to save any city. Nor should any city be dependent on any one man.

"Atlas Shrugged"~By K L Martin

Atlas shrugged,and the world shifted.

Then all the weights and responsibilities

fell onto the shoulders of many,

who were just as strong,

but didn't know it,

till Atlas shrugged,

and the world shifted.

Be well, and strong everyone

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