Monday, July 5, 2010 Drops The Ball on The 4th of July!!

I logged on the 4th of July to check my shop for any new sales, or see how many extra views my silk creations might have gathered.
Then I went into the etsy forum threads. I keep a thread going for one of my teams, and I have a bit of fun in the 'etc. thread which supports word games.
I also checked into the 'site help' thread, as I enjoy helping out other newbie shop owners, and it's also a great thread to see and respond to hot topics.

Well, the hot topic on the 4th was this thread:

It started from a post from one of our friendly Canadian posters, who wondered why etsy did a Stourque article on Canada Days, but there was nothing done , or written about America's celebration of Independence Day on the 4th of July? In fact the front page treasuries did not reflect that America was celebrating the 4th of July.

In fact, it wasn't till the aforementioned thread and quite a few posted threads on this topic, did a weekend etsy tech step in to say she would notify some merchandising etsy tech to get some July 4th treasuries on the FP!!

And, they did post a few treasuries that were 4th of July themed.

But, come on etsy, you had to have etsy sellers remind you of the July 4th celebration? And you're an American based company right in New York City!!

OK, so about 4Pm I log off etsy, thinking they would post many, many more 4th of July treasuries.

Here are some of those treasuries that were posted:

And a post from :
Autumn2May says:
littlesistahstudio says:
I agree, shame on you Etsy!

Here are 2 pages of Treasuries tagged with American.

And I'm sure there are many, many more to come. More than enough to run all day.

See Admin doesn't even have to look for them, we're doing all the work for them! This one is really cute too! It's got an Americana theme!

If you read the thread , you'll understand why there was a reason to be upset.

And now, etsy has moved that thread out of the front line of posts to the 'idea' section. In the 'idea' section topics usually sink to the bottom , and it becomes a matter of "Out of sight, out of mind"

Sad tribute from an American company that it forgot to make Independence Day( 4th of July) a day of celebrating on etsy!


  1. Excellent blog Mystic. God Bless America. God Bless all who have given their lives for this Amazing Country. God Bless the Service Men and Woman who have served or who are serving our country that we can enjoy the freedom that we enjoy today.

    God Bless all the ones left behind. Courage families. Again..GOD BLESS AMERICA..

  2. Wonderfully written Mystic. And yes, even with all the woes, I would not want to live anywhere else. Many thanks to those who have kept and do keep us free. And to the families who who sacrifice too!

    and, yes! Shame on you Etsy!

  3. Nice to know, you took the time to read this blog.

    And it still amazes me that etsy feels they did enough!!

    And that there are even Americans saying " it weren't no big deal that etsy dropped the ball."

  4. I know exactly what you mean, Klaire. I noticed it too and was very disappointed as this is America and we only celebrate our freedom once a year and it should be top priority!

    What are we coming to???