Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Just A Moth"--by MysticSilks

       What is your honest opinion of a moth? Oh, not the beautiful lunar moth, but a lowly sort of looking moth?  We all sort of make unkind, perhaps nasty remarks about that insect. When we think moth, we think about the moth that loves to gnaw on our fine wool garments,or chews tiny holes in our woolen blankets. I can remember as a kid, that my Mother would pour a half a box of moth balls in the plastic garment bags that held our winter clothes to protect them against the 'moth'---and it did a super job, but it also kept the other kids away or poking fun at me and my brothers for smelling like moth balls.
       I guess this all lead to my unfair opinion of a photograph of a moth that I had seen in a magazine. The picture just lacked inspiration to paint it. I had this photo lying around for maybe a year, and every now and then I'd catch a look at it out of the corner of my eye, then finally it tempted me to paint it.  AS I began to do the very detailed parts of this winged insect, I took  on a new respect for it--by golly it does have a beauty to it.
Well, here are some photos of the finished painting. It's a 9x12 inch on white wrapped canvas. I have it listed for sale in my shop at etsy.


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