Monday, May 2, 2011

Is He Really Really Dead, Usama bin Laden?

Today, May 2nd , I awoke to the news of Osama bin Laden is dead.
But , after listening to the details of the news, and after seeing photos of his compound; the blood soaked floor, supposedly with his blood, I am sorry, like the Munchkins in "The Wizard of Oz", I must ask, is he``` really, really, really dead?
To prove to the Munchkins that the wicked witch was dead, there were the ruby slippers as evidence. But what real proof is there that Osama is dead? There is the words of President Obama. Cough, cough---political drama to assist him in the 2012 elections?
Oh, come on now, some will say. I say . yes come on now, lets look at what we've been shown, and told.
A bunch of Navy Seal helicopters buzzed their way into a pretty populated city in Pakistan;and not a single citizen heard this racket , nor reported it? This was not a silent move in, and kill scenario, then move out quietly. This was an all out automatic rifle assault! Plus the noise of the downed helicopter and none of the police in this city show up? Now also keep in mind this attack was no more than a short distance from Pakistan's military academy. What kind of a military academy are they running, that no one responded to the attack of Osama?
Then the Navy Seals, according to the news reports we were fed, ransacked the compound for computers, then hosted Osama's body aboard a helicopter, off they sped towards the ocean and dumped his body into said ocean.: But they had some of his DNA to match against a sister of Osama: And so, they did the testing of this DNA aboard the helicopter? How did they know the results so quickly? It is of my humble understanding that results for DNA test can take up to at least a week or more.

If I would have been running this mission and wanted it to be believable, I would have stuffed his remains in a body bag along with some dry ice, and brought his remains back to the states with photos of the really, really, really dead bin Laden.

Listen, with this story we were handed , even the Munchkins of Oz wouldn't believe this tale!!
And in addition, were we not paying Pakistan over a billion dollars to up their security on keeping an eye and ear out for Usama bin Laden?

And as Judge Judy has often said, and I quote, " If it doesn't make sense, it isn't true!"

Unfortunately if this story is true , the killing will not put a stop to the terrorists attacks on our country, or in other countries.

The big question is, what will?

Thank you for reading.

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  1. My thoughts exactly.. how do we know he is dead? Thanks for writing this one :)